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4 Harrison Bridge Road
Simpsonville, SC 29681
Dr. Phillip M. Baldwin, Pastor

Ward System

Welcome to the Bethlehem Ward System! Our Ward System was developed out of a need for members of Bethlehem to spend more time in fellowship getting to know each other. As a member of Bethlehem, you are assigned to a Ward based on the first letter of your last name.

There are four wards with Deacons and Deacon's Wives serving as Ward Leaders. As Ward Leaders, they are responsible for planning events to bring the ward members together for fun and fellowship. Please note the church calendar and weekly bulletin for your ward events.

Ward #1: Last names A-D
Almighty Disciples

Dea. Dunnel Brooks
Dea. Jovan Dungee
Dea. Richard Robinson

Ward #2: Last names E-I
Eternal Inspiration

Dea. Robert Anthony
Dea. Horace Butler
Dea. Timothy Drummond
Dea. Corey Robinson
Dea. Heyward Smith, Sr.

Deacon Emeritus

Dea. James Bailey, Jr.
Dea. Robert Durham
Dea. Carlton Griffin, Sr.

Ward #3: Last names J-R
Jehovah's Redeemed

Dea. Curtis Douglas
Dea. Raymond Griffin
Dea. Geno Jackson
Dea. Don McCullough
Dea. Aaron Woods

Ward #4: Last names S-Z
Soldiers of Zion

Dea. Eddie Barnes
Dea. Kevin Branch
Dea. Richard Brewer
Dea. Brian Griffin
Dea. Toy Lee Kilgore, Jr.

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