Vision 2017

The Goal

Our goal is to eliminate our mortgage on the Christian Life Center. We will need to generate $250,000 each year above our regular Tithes and Offerings to eliminate this debt. Donations made to the Christian Academy, Building Fund, as well as various rallies throughout the year will make this goal attainable.

The Plan

We must position ourselves to be in in the following areas.

  • Prayer: Prayer places us in the right plans.
  • Worship: Worship fuels the movement greater ministry.
  • Giving: The church must become debt free before implementing any new plans.

The Strategy

  • Initially, we will strengthen our current financial status. In doing so, we will strive to have six months above our current Operating Budget in reserve.
  • Once we have the six months above our current Operating Budget in reserve, we will then focus on Vision 2017 - funds to eliminate our debt.
  • Every member to give at least $15 or more every Sunday above Tithes.

Vision 2017

  • Eliminate Debt
  • Christian Academy K4-8th grade
  • Youth Center
  • New Sanctuary
  • Strip Mall
  • Food & Clothing Bank
  • Senior Activities
  • Healthcare Resources
  • Connect with other Diverse Communities
  • Senior Housing
  • Greater Ministry as the Spirit Leads
  • Service Times

    1st Sunday
    9:45am - Morning Worship Service
                  Christian Life Center

    2nd - 4th Sunday
    8:15am Early Morning Worship Service
    9:45am - Sunday School
    10:45am - Morning Worship

    5th Sunday
    (Come As You Are/Casual Sunday)
    9:45am - Morning Worship Service

    Upcoming Events

    There are currently no events posted.